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Our Mission

Highmoor is a very welcoming tennis club for players of all abilities. Our current annual membership rates are the best value in Bayside and Moorabbin district associations and we don’t have joining fees. 


Our Club

Our Facilities

Tennis Courts

The club has five very well-maintained en-tout-cas tennis courts, three of which have brand new lighting to go with them.


We also perform regular court maintenance to ensure that the courts are always at a high standard. This is aided by our bore water system for hoses and sprinklers. This allows us to use water in a way that is 100% sustainable.


Our services include competition tennis, both organised and casual social tennis, and professional coaching, at both day and night.

Day Courts


Night Courts

Terms of court use


Only flat-soled tennis shoes may be worn on the courts. Runners or sport shoes with raised or edged soles damage the courts and cannot be worn on our courts.

Court watering

Every player needs to ensure the courts are watered prior to every set.

Court bagging

Every player needs to ensure the courts are bagged after each set.

Drinking fountain

You cannot drink from the hoses on the courts as the bore water is not fit for drinking, however, drinking fountains are installed between each court.


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4 Le Page St, Moorabbin, VIC 3190, Australia


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