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Social Tennis is at the heart of Highmoor Uniting Tennis Club. Members can partake in organised social tennis, at day or night, as well as join inter and intra club competition teams. Social tennis is held weekly.

No need to book, and all are welcome:

  • Mid-week Ladies’ tennis is held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 12pm
  • Mid-week Men’s tennis is held on Tuesdays from 8:30am to 12pm
  • Saturday afternoon social tennis is from 12:30pm – 4pm
  • Junior tennis social games are held on Fridays during school terms from 4:30-6:30pm.

Competition Tennis

We have competition teams in Junior and Senior Tennis in Bayside and Pennant competions. We cater for boys and girls in Junior tennis

In Senior tennis we currently have a mixed and three Mens teams. The teams are at varying levels of ability so please enquire if you are interested.  We can enter a Ladies team subject to player numbers.


Highmoor offers well-organised social tennis both during the day and
at night.

Terms and conditions

Monday Morning Ladies

Every Monday morning at 9.15 am, Highmoor runs some casual social tennis for ladies. The morning always promises some great tennis, even if a little brisk during winter, and players are able to enjoy a good hit whilst getting a great chance to socialise.

Ball fees at crazy low price of $1 for members.

Tuesday Morning Men

At 8.30 am on Tuesday mornings, Highmoor gets a big turn up of men to partake in some slightly competitive but good natured social tennis. Players are paired up according to ability and play a number of doubles matches.

Just pay a $1 ball fee for members to take part.

Wednesday Morning Ladies

Same as Monday morning, only at 9.30 am and on a Wednesday!

Ball fees are only $1 for members.

Friday Afternoon Juniors

On Friday afternoons during school terms we have junior matches from 4:30 to 6:30pm, all juniors are welcome to have practice in short sets for fun.

Saturday Mixed

Commencing at 1 pm every Saturday afternoon andis open to all members. New balls will be provided, players will be matched up according to their ability to play, and compete in one set of doubles matches. Some matches will be mixed and some will be men’s/ women’s.

All for just a $2 ball fee per member!

Casual tennis

All members are welcome to book a court using to use the courts and make use of the lights at night until 10pm.


Start Competing


With so many different sections being available to play, it is likely that any junior will be able to find a team at Highmoor, whatever their standard.

The club competes in Saturday and Sunday morning competitions in the Bayside area with boys and girls teams. Teams are made up of four players and each junior will play one singles match and one doubles match, both being one set each.

Please also note that once a junior reaches a high standard, there is no reason why they cannot take part in both junior tennis and senior tennis!

To assist in the development of our Juniors both on and off  the court, we have released a  Code of Conduct and set of Team Guidelines. These documents focus on the core aspects of participating in Junior Competition at Highmoor – we encourage you to read them in order to understand the values and culture of Highmoor.

Should you have any questions or enquiries regarding junior competition tennis, please do not hesitate to contact our junior coordinator and club coach.

Juniors can represent the club in Saturday and Sunday competitions against other clubs in the Bayside area. Highmoor encourages all the kids to participate and currently has 10 boys and girls teams competing and regularly competes successfully in finals.

Junior Night Competition

  • Ages 9-13 years (approximately)
  • Takes place from 4.00 – 6.00 pm on Friday
  • Designed for girls and boys who are able to serve and play a match
  • Enhanced experience gained through playing in real matches
  • Relaxed and fun environment
  • $7 per week.


The club primarily competes in the Bayside Regional Tennis Association (BRTA), with matches taking place at 1pm on Saturday afternoons. There is both a winter season and a summer season, with small breaks in between the two seasons. The format can vary from season to season, but generally each player will play one singles match and one doubles match per round.

We offer men’s, women’s and mixed competition. Currently, our teams are of varying standards, which is great for new members as there is a strong likelihood that you will fit into a team of your ability.

Throughout the winter months, Highmoor can also field one or two teams in Tennis Victoria’s Pennant competition. In Pennant, the format alternates week to week from singles to doubles.

Furthermore, Highmoor will soon look to field teams for weeknight competition tennis.

If you wish to express your interest or enquire any further about any senior competition tennis, please field your enquiry to our senior teams officer.

Adults can join in senior competitions at all skill levels and Highmoor has mens, womens and mixed tennis teams.


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