From left – Jennie, Laurene, Taina, Debbie, Kerry, Ann, Jane & Sandra

Social Ladies BBQ

Last week the mid-week Ladies held a BBQ and shared a cake to celebrate Jennie Armstrong’s birthday.

Thanks for all of your hard work Jen volunteering for the club.

Meeting with Councillor Hadi Saab

We met with Kingston City Councillor Hadi Saab and James Prideaux (Property Leader in Sports & Recreation). We discussed the key needs for our club including a replacement clubhouse, for courts 4  5 the need for new fences, court surfaces and lights, extra courts. Cr Saab was surprised we needed to hire courts at two other clubs for our senior teams.  Council will confirm the priority of our clubhouse for replacement in their review of their 75 sports pavilions. We had a wide-ranging discussion and found the council to be receptive to our ideas.

I’d like to thank Damian Graf and Tony Withers for managing their coaching sessions to cater for the Council visit. 

Tennis Competition

Junior teams are playing finals and we wish them well. Boys 2 and Boys 3 on Saturday mornings and Sunday’s Section 2 and Section 5 have qualified for finas. Damian Graf will provide an update at the close of the season.

Senior teams are playing in the Winter Competition. We have 2 teams playing their home games at Royal Avenue and a Pennant team playing out of Le Page Tennis Club. Our Mixed team is playing their home games at Highmoor, so drop by and say hello. If you are interested in competition tennis, please contact Michael Lynch on 0487 391 781. 


Please follow us on Facebook at Highmoor Uniting Tennis Club.

Highmoor Caps and Shirts

I have Highmoor caps and shirts available for sale. Please call Bernie on 0424 797 420.

Tree Pruning 

Thanks to Darrin, Geoff and Henry for their work last week in pruning the trees facing Le Page Street. We discussed with Council the approach to removing large scale green waste. 

Volunteers required

We require a volunteer(s) to take on the annual Bunnings BBQ. This is a major fundraiser for the club and with the right weather conditions we can make over $2,000 in a day. Please contact me if you would like to be involved in such a fun day.