We are finalising memberships from last year. So if you are yet to renew then please do so by Wednesday January 26th. A reminder for all senior and junior competition players that you need to be a paid up member of the club to play. Please contact Sarah Graham by email. I’d like to thank Sarah for her efforts in coordinating the membership renewals.
Guest fees
If you are playing with a non-member, then please remember to book them in as a guest when you book the court. It is a $5 guest fee. Even better, encourage them to join the club. For parents of juniors, the guest fee will apply to the parent if only the junior is a member. So rather than pay guest fees, I encourage you to join up and get plenty of exercise.
Competition tennis
Senior competition resumes on January 29th and Junior competitions starts the new season on February 5th. For any aspiring senior competition players, please refer to Glenn Collins’ email on Friday 21st Jan. Nominations for the winter tennis season are due on February 13th. 
Watering the Courts
It is critical for the courts to be watered prior to play and for each new set. The club spent over $10,000 on court maintenance last year and to keep the en-tout-cas in good order the courts must be watered regularly. The club has also purchased a new wet weather roller and is getting the other two rollers re-lined with foam. I don’t expect they’ll be required for a few days yet.
Welcome to our new members
We are delighted to have so many new members join the club over the last year. We hope you enjoy your tennis at Highmoor and look forward to seeing you on the courts.
Regards, Bernie