Saturday Social Tennis Guidelines


Play starts at 1pm. Please arrive by 12.45 to unlock the gates and bring milk (reimburse from ball money) for tea and coffee.

Take folder and case from box 3 (unlocked) and cans of new balls from box 2 (locked – Keith, Jeff, Rob, Maurice, Ann and Sally Evans have keys) and fill in a new log sheet with the name of each player on their arrival.

Playing fee is $4 per person (court captains on duty do not pay) and $9 for visitors. This is collected by the court captain, tallied at the end of the day and put in a large envelope (small envelopes are used for midweek social tennis), with all details on the outside of the envelope completed, sealed and put in the blue mailbox slot inside the pavilion.

Social tennis is played on courts 1-3 when there is competition tennis and on all courts at other times.

As a general rule players are organised in sets (ladies, mens or mixed) according to their order of arrival, however, this needs to be flexible to ensure players in a set are of a similar standard and the need to try and mix players up from set to set. Sets are first to 6.

Always write sets on the white-board so players know what is coming up.

Court captains may play after most people have arrived. However, you will need to arrange ahead the number of sets to cover the time you think you will be on the court for a set.

At the end of the day the following need doing:

  • Pack the used balls in the case and return along with folder to box 3.
  • Vacuum the carpet, sweep the kitchen area, empty the kitchen bin, put cups away and clean benchtops.
  • Check that everything is locked up or ask someone else to do so if you are not last to leave.


  • Players arriving earlier than 12.45 can start playing after they have recorded their details on a new log sheet for the day and paid their fees.
  • Remember the Court Captain on duty is responsible for organising the sets.
  • Do not tell the court captain how to organise sets, but do speak up if you think you have been missed.
  • Please advise the Court Captain before playing your last set so he is aware of this.
  • Water the courts right to the fences & to the mid-point between adjacent courts.